Hi guys! My name is Rachel, and I am a Midwesterner-turned-Brooklynite who has a passion for good food and eating.

About My Blog

A few years ago I decided to start a blog about my food forays. I had just graduated from business school at Baruch College (one of the best deals, btw), and I wanted to let my creative juices flow again. Having always loved to write (I have WAY too many journals that date back to middle school), I decided to try my hand at writing food reviews and concocting recipes to share with others.

At You Must Love Food you’ll find chic recipes with a rustic, Midwestern sensibility, as well as an inside look at some of NYC’s best food events & restaurants (yes, I may often be a little partial to Brooklyn. #Brooklyn4Ever). Last year my boyfriend and I decided to take a smarter approach to our life, so the food that I share here focuses on fresh ingredients that yield both healthy & indulgent dishes.

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About Me

Growing up in a small town in Illinois, I was shaped by two strong women–my mom and my aunt–who lived next door to each other and could make some damn good food. Their creative energies rubbed off on me genetically, but it was their use of food and cooking as way to spend time with each other & bring family together that made the biggest impression on me. From early morning coffee sessions to preparing major family holiday meals, the kitchen was a place where we often congregated. My mom taught me all of my essential baking tricks and my aunt taught me to always try new things–I still need her famous tortellini recipe, though!

In 2007, I made the big move to New York City with my boyfriend. We were high school sweethearts, and I’m lucky enough to say that he is still my absolute best friend and partner in (food) crime. We have a sassy-ass dachshund named Speedy who bosses us around and is more obsessed with food than I am. Seriously–he would literally run into oncoming traffic for a bite of a sandwich.

Dachshund Puppy

In addition to good eats, I love crass and silly comedy (Broad City has stolen my heart), fashion, interior design and singing. I was actually a classical voice major before I decided to study business. I’m currently a freelance digital content specialist and spend way too much time on social media.

How To Get in Touch

Speaking of social media, you can always contact and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, PinterestGoogle+ and Tumblr. You can also drop a comment on any of my posts–I always respond!

If you want to contact me regarding freelance work, food photography, sponsorships and affiliate programs, please visit my Contact Page where you can get in touch with me.



  1. blovesthis | 19th Jun 12

    thanks for ‘liking’ my post – your blog is lovely and i’m looking forward to following your posts!

    • foodyrach | 19th Jun 12

      Thank you! That cake looked amazing, so I couldn’t help but comment. Let’s keep in touch through posts. Can’t wait to see what you have in store next, too.

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  3. Yinzerella | 5th Jan 14

    I loved living in Brooklyn. I am sure, no, I KNOW that my neighborhood has changed greatly since I moved. I look forward to seeing if you review any of my old haunts!

    • foodyrach | 5th Jan 14

      I’ve lived in Brooklyn since I moved to NYC and just can’t see myself anywhere else! What area did you live in and what what your favorite spot to eat or drink–or both?!

      • Yinzerella | 6th Jan 14

        I lived in Greenwood Heights—I think they call it “South Slope” now.
        It was sooooo long ago!
        In Brooklyn my favorite bar was Timboo’s (R.I.P.) I was there every Sunday when I lived there.
        Is Lucky 13 still around?
        I also liked a restaurant called Everett that was in 8th Ave Chinatown.
        Up by Prospect Park there was an Austrian restaurant that I just adored. Cafe Steinhoff??? And there was a great Thai place next door to it.
        I always enjoyed Henry’s End in Brooklyn Heights, too.
        But the restaurant that I miss most is Hop Kee on Mott Street. BLACK BEAN CRABS 4-EVA!

        • foodyrach | 6th Jan 14

          Not sure about Lucky 13, but Cafe Steinhoff is still going strong! Going to have to check out Hop Kee. I <3 CRABS.

          • Yinzerella | 6th Jan 14

            They are the absolute best. I live in Baltimore, and we’re lousy with crabs, but there is just something about the Hop Kee crabs! If I recall correctly, their shrimp egg rolls are pretty boss.
            What about you? Where are your favorite spots?


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