If you’re someone who is either a) On a budget or b) Over the age of 30, you’re probably having dinner parties regularly with friends. You may even be planning one this weekend. And while sitting on the floor scarfing pizza is totally appropriate for a chill night, if you’re going for the dinner party proper, there are a few cheap ways to step up your table setting. Having probably looked at more plates than the average person (food prop life), I think there are two dinner party staples. The first is a classic set of matching white plates with a bit of detail and the second is a not-so-basic set of flatware. Call me minimalist, but everything else is supplementary.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m on a budget, like ALWAYS. So when I first set out choosing dinnerware and flatware for myself, I wasn’t about to be spending mountains of cash on it. Also, I have a husband who’s clumsy AF (love you, boo), which meant I had to factor in the cost of replacements. These are my favorite affordable dinnerware and silverware sets that add enough panache to stand alone at a dinner party. They’re what we use the most often.

cheap dinnerware sets and flatware sets for dinner party

Mikasa Italian Countryside 16-pc. Dinnerware Set, $169.99


Cambridge Silversmiths® Jessamine Mirror 20pc Flatware Set, $69.99

cheap dinnerware sets and flatware sets for dinner party

Cambridge Silversmiths Corelle Mirror 20 Piece Flatware Set, $24.99

Threshold Beaded Porcelain Dinner Plate 10.78 ” 0 – Set of 4, $19.99

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