Event Recap: Secret Summer NYC at The Foundry

Full recap of the Secret Summer NYC food & cocktail party on Sunday, August 2nd.

On yesterday’s beautiful evening, I had the pleasure of hitting Secret Summer NYC, a cocktail and farm-to-table garden party in the courtyard of The Foundry, which spun magic with its ambiance that fell somewhere between renaissance fȇte & fairyland. Twelve rooms that each transported me to a new dimension were adorned with other-worldly decor, bars featuring inventive mixology, fresh grilled meats & seafood and local produce by Rapt Affairs. For hours I leisurely ate, drank and took in the fabulous entertainment. Check out the highlights below:

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The party was outdoors in the courtyard of The Foundry, so everyone was dressed in chic summer looks. It was light, airy and whimsical, so I wore a cotton blend navy floral mini dress and paired it with a small structured white handbag and color block stiletto sandals.

secret summer nyc 2015 events



secret summer floral cocktail dress


Rapt affairs put together an amazing offering of cocktails made with Jack Daniels, Queens Courage GinCachaça 51 and more! There were too many to try…but I definitely TRIED to try all of them!

jack daniels

secret summer nyc bartender

This pretty little drink had corn milk in it, and it was delicious!

secret summer jack daniels cocktail nyc

And this one, made with Queens Courage Gin, watermelon and olive oil was really refreshing.

astoria distilling company gin cocktail secret summer nyc event

cocktails at secret summer nyc party

secret summer nyc party fashion and cocktail

Those little pink drinks are made with Cachaça 51, strawberries and aromatic herbs! Yum!

secret summer nyc cocktails events


Steak, chicken and fresh veggies, oh my! Made right in front of us, this meal from Rapt Affairs was perfect for outdoor eating!

rapt affairs hydroponic rooftop corn asparagus plus clams and chicken

asparagus and corn on cob at secret summer nyc

farm to table steak rapt affairs secret summer nyc

rapt affairs farm to table steak secret summer nyc 2015

And then there were the  food trucks. Don’t ask how many grilled cheese sandwiches I had from Morris–that truffle salt on the bread was EVERYTHING.

morris food truck secret summer nyc

morris food truck grilled cheese nyc secret summer event

morris food truck grilled cheese nyc secret summer event

And because there’s always a second stomach for dessert, I couldn’t resist double chocolate ice cream from Van Leweuwen.

Van Leeuwen ice cream secret summer nyc food truck

Van Leeuwen ice cream secret summer nyc

All in all, a great event that I’m looking forward to attending again next year!