Well, everyone, it’s been a long road transitioning You Must Love Food to You Must Love Life, but from now on, I’ll only be posting on that website. Before I say goodbye to this website, I want to give you a little insight into why I decided to expand myself beyond food and about the journey to get there.

But before I forget – If you’re currently subscribed to this website, but not my new site, quickly click this link and subscribe.


I started You Must Love Food my junior year in college. I was already cooking for the (at the time) boyfriend and myself and experimenting with my own recipes, but overall I wanted to use the blog as a way to stretch my writing skills and learn about the world of online marketing. My topics were vague, my photos were SO BAD, but I was doing it for the sake of learning. And I loved sharing new food and recipe ideas with you. More importantly, I loved sharing a piece of myself with you.


Do I love food more than a lot of things? Yes. But the truth is, that’s just one aspect of who I am. I love fashion. I love beauty. I love decorating. I love fitness. I love politics and culture. And I love traveling. There are so many aspects of my life that I was holding back with You Must Love Food, because it just didn’t fit the topic. And I want to share all of those things with you! I also feel it’s important to show that we can be well-rounded as people–we don’t have to be pinned into a corner (even if it is one that we created ourselves). I can’t wait to share all of this with you on You Must Love Life, which is about just that–a community built around loving life and making the most of it, and how you can, too.


Everything I post will now be done on You Must Love Life. Will that still include food? Heck yes!! I actually just posted a recipe for this Heirloom Tomato Pasta that’s bomb AF. But I’ll also be posting outfit inspiration, beauty ideas, decorating tips, comments on politics from a female POV, and travel pieces. I’ll still be posting previews of any food-related posts on this site for a little longer, just to make sure anyone who hasn’t come over to the YMLL site will still see it. But I’d love it if you’d click this link to subscribe to You Must Love Life. It would mean the world to me to continue having you on this wild journey with me.

Thanks again for following me this far! -xoxo